Top 5 jackets to wear in september when it's too warm for coats but too cold for summer shirts

September weather can be kind of weird. One moment you feel like it's the 10th of july and another moment you're so cold you think you'll get sick if you don't cover yourself properly. Wardrobe-wise it can be very tricky. We've got you covered with 5 transitional jackets that will provide a little coverage when it's necessary but won't make you die of a heatstroke. 


Cashmere coats with fur collars are trending for fall and have been in fashion since forever. They are timeless classics that will never go out of style. So what's better than a mid season version of it. We present to you our one and only cashmere jackets with detachable fox fur collar. Scroll down and discover our taupe cashmere jacket with fur and our black cashmere jacket with fur;

Black cashmere jacket with fur collar

Shop our Black Cashmere Jacket With Fox Fur Collar 

Taupe cashmere jacket with fox fur collar

Shop our Taupe Cashmere Jacket With Fox Fur Collar


Are you even a fashionista if you don't own a leather jacket? Of course, it can be quite an investment but if you choose wisely, leather jackets can last you for years as they are classic enough to resist trends and tend to look better when they age. 

Below we have summed up the best leather jackets on the market for september october weather. 

Black leather jacket

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Beige Leather Jacket

Shop our Beige Leather Jacket here

Cream white leather jacket

Shop our Cream White Leather Jacket here 

And as a bonus, we want to share a 6th option which is not really a jacket but a cashmere cape. This dreamy Ivory cape with fur details will spice up your whole outfit and you'll be able to wear it almost all year around. Pair it with a nice top or t-shirt during the warmer months and with a cashmere sweater during the colder months. 

Ivory cashmere cape with fur details

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