With a strong focus on timeless styles, artisanal craftsmanship and the finest natural raw materials, Constance The Label offers a collection of pure luxury at an elegant price point.


Our promise is to source the finest materials from the most prestigious and ethical producers.

We only use pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia and linen from one of the oldest Belgian mills

These producers rely on a long history of traditions and expertise to produce sustainable fabrics, offering the highest durability, comfort and quality, able to stand the test of time for each of our designs.

Founder of Constance The Label cashmere coats - Constance Van Geffel


Founded on the philosophy of slow fashion, we deliver elegant designs that never go out of fashion. Creating a permanent wardrobe above following trends is for us a fundamental step towards no waste and a sustainable clothing industry.

Being a product specialist, we believe in building upon our experience, listening to our customers and meticulously refining each garment year after year.

The integrity of our direct-to-client model gives superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship at a fair price the whole year to all our customers, never going on seasonal sales. Our client's aspirations are paramount and we deliver these with a premium service.


Constance The Label was launched in sepetmber 2020 by Constance Van Geffel. While completing her final year at ICHEC Brussels Management School, she was thinking about chasing her dreams and working in the fashion industry.
The next winter Constance The Label debuted with her first Winter Collection FW 20-21. Having spent most of her life in rainy & cold Belgium, Constance decided to offer stylish, timeless and high quality winter pieces at a fair price, focussing on cashmere garments and stylish winter coats.


"I wanted to create a brand offering stylish garments with a focus on great craftsmanship and the finest natural raw materials. That’s why I started a cashmere collection including cashmere coats and 100% cashmere sweaters, using the highest quality yarn from Inner Mongolia. It was important for me to offer pure luxury and timeless pieces at an elegant price in order to make all women feel bold and at their best everyday of the week."

-Constance Van Geffel Founder & CEO