How to hand wash your cashmere

We recommend to hand wash your cashmere sweaters and accessories but to dry clean your cashmere coats without the fur. All our fur is detachable, which makes it easy to be cleaned. For the handwash, turn your garments inside out and hand wash using water that is not warmer than 30 degrees. Do not centrifuge the garment and make sure that you do not wash or rinse the garment under running water.

How to dry your cashmere

Flat dry your cashmere garment after washing. The easiest way to flat dry it is to lay it on a flat surface with a towel underneath. Don’t stretch out the sweater and don’t hang dry your cashmere.

How to iron and steam your cashmere

You can iron your cashmere garments at max 150°. You can also steam the cashmere item with a steamer.

How to store your cashmere garments

Do not hang your cashmere sweaters for storage. Fold them and store them in a drawer or storage box. To keep away the moths, put a few cedar balls in the drawer or box.

How to care for your cashmere

To help avoid pilling several things can be done:
-Allow the garments to rest between wears
-Wash the garments inside out to avoid friction with other fabrics.
-Wash with specific detergent designed for cashmere
-Pilling is normal and can be seen in areas exposed to friction. You can easily remove them with a wool comb or by hand. After washing and using the sweater for a few times the pilling tends to stop.